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At LA Teeth Whitening Reading, we understand that a bright, white smile can significantly enhance your confidence and overall appearance. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced and effective teeth whitening solutions available. Located conveniently in Reading, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best possible care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Teeth Whitening Reading

The LA Teeth Whitening Reading Difference

Immediate Results: See noticeable improvements after just one session.

Safe & Painless: Our treatments are designed to be completely safe and comfortable, with minimal to no sensitivity.

Long-Lasting Whiteness: Enjoy a brighter smile for months to come with our effective whitening solutions.

Boosted Self-Esteem: A whiter smile can significantly boost your confidence, allowing you to smile more freely.

Our Teeth Whitening Process


Your teeth whitening journey begins with a detailed consultation to assess your dental health and discuss your whitening goals.

Customised Treatment Plan

Based on your consultation, we’ll create a tailored treatment plan to achieve the best results for your smile.

The Whitening Session

Sit back and relax while our experts work their magic, using cutting-edge technology to brighten your teeth.

Why Choose LA Teeth Whitening Reading?

Teeth Whitening Maidenhead
  • Expert Care: Our team of teeth whitening specialists are highly trained and experienced, ensuring you’re in the best hands.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest teeth whitening techniques and equipment to achieve superior results.
  • Tailored Treatments: Every smile is unique. We offer personalised treatment plans to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Comfortable Environment: Your comfort is our priority. Enjoy a relaxing experience while we transform your smile.
  • Affordable Pricing: We believe everyone deserves a stunning smile. Our services are competitively priced without compromising on quality.

Q: How long does the teeth whitening process take?

A: The duration of the treatment can vary depending on your specific circumstances, but most sessions are completed within one hour.

Q: Is teeth whitening safe?

A: Yes, our teeth whitening procedures are entirely safe. We use high-quality, tested products and the latest technology to ensure your dental health is never compromised.

Q: Will I experience any sensitivity?

A: Some people may experience minor sensitivity, but it typically subsides quickly. We also offer solutions to minimize sensitivity during and after the treatment.

Q: How long will my teeth stay white?

A: Results can last from a few months to up to 3 years, depending on your lifestyle and oral hygiene. We’ll provide tips on how to extend the longevity of your whitened teeth.

Q: Can anyone have their teeth whitened?

A: Most people are suitable candidates for teeth whitening, but we’ll assess your eligibility during the consultation to ensure it’s the right option for you.

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