Should I have my teeth whitening before or after having braces?

Teeth can be whitened before braces go on, generally it is recommended that a person waits until the braces are removed. Braces are put in place to align and straighten the teeth if the teeth are whitened before the braces are in place and move the teeth, areas of the teeth that were previously covered may be exposed and discoloured. It is recommended that laser whitening treatment be carried out after the braces have been removed.

However, if a person particularly dislikes the amount of staining on their teeth, and are going to have braces and feel those braces will draw attention to the discolouration of the teeth. In this instance laser whitening treatment certainly can be done before and then again after the braces are removed. It is important to look after the teeth when the braces are on and cleaning the teeth after every meal will reduced the risk of food getting caught behind the brace resulting in heavy staining.

Laser whitening can concentrate on individual teeth and areas therefore there is no reason to fear that when the braces are removed there will be marks left on the teeth. Equally if a person has laser whitening before they have braces and are worried that when the braces are removed there will be white spots where the brace plates were bonded. This can be effectively rectified with laser whitening afterwards.

Teeth whitening thoroughly cleanses your teeth raising the level of self confidence and allowing a person to smile more. One of the great things about laser treatment is the process doesn’t take long to complete. In conclusion should I have my teeth whitening before or after having braces? The answer is, it really is up to the individual, but having teeth laser whitened after the removal of braces would be more effective.


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