Achieve a Dazzling Smile with Laser Light Teeth Whitening in Just One Hour

What Whitening Options Are Available in Berkshire?

Everyone desires pearly white teeth, yet occasionally teeth become discoloured and stained. Unfortunately, this is caused by common foods and beverages, such as berries and coffee. But, you do not have to live with a dull smile, as teeth whitening can restore them to their original state. 

There are several effective solutions, including laser, gels, trays, and strips, from which an individual can select the one that best suits them. Non-financially, each methodology differs in a number of ways; therefore, it is crucial to select the proper approach. You will have a deeper understanding of some of the available teeth-whitening techniques.

Using trays for bleaching

The majority of people are unwilling to spend a money on teeth whitening, despite their desire for whiter teeth. Being a cost-effective home cure, tray whitening enables you to whiten your teeth without needing to schedule an appointment with your dentist. You can even perform the procedure on your own. Consider that it may take longer to observe benefits compared to professional treatment. These are easy to use; all you must do is:

  1. Use hot water to warm the mould.
  2. Place it in your mouth and bite it so that your teeth’s impressions are left on it.
  3. Remove the mould from your mouth, apply the gel, and then replace the mould.
  4. Let the mould to remain in the mouth for as long as possible; duration typically varies by gel type.


• Cost-effective 

• Easy to use at home


• It takes approximately one week longer to observe effects compared to expert treatment.

Use of whitening strips

This procedure is great for anyone who wishes to whiten their teeth for the first time and wants a preview of the potential results. It is the most straightforward and affordable option of the three. The usage instructions are detailed below.

  • Place the gel-coated side of the strips on the top and bottom teeth.
  • Keep them on for the suggested amount of time
  • Delete all of the stripes


• Economical

• Easiest to use


  • The strips may require frequent repositioning, as they are prone to slide off the teeth 
  •  The process takes around two weeks

Using laser for bleaching

Despite the availability of home solutions for teeth whitening, some individuals prefer to have a professional handle the procedure. There are various Berkshire clinics that provide this service. Laser teeth whitening is a quick treatment whose popularity is growing as time passes. To take advantage of this:

I. The patient’s mouth is cleaned. 

II. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth

III. The energy of the laser “activates” the gel, producing results within an hour.


• You will not require any anaesthetics 

• Expertly performed 

• Very rapid process completed within sixty minutes


  • Expensive in comparison to home kits •
  • Does not work on teeth that are grey

Essential advice to remember

• Strips are recommended for first-time teeth whitening due to their affordability and ease of usage. Therefore, do not anticipate drastic outcomes as with other expensive techniques.
• Laser whitening is ideal for anyone ready to invest money, since it provides a dramatic improvement and is much faster than home cures.
• Before whitening your teeth, you should always visit a dentist, since some techniques could cause additional damage.
• Depending on what you consume and the method utilised, the colour will last approximately six weeks.
• Several whitening processes offer varying outcomes at varying rates.
• Search around for the greatest deals and discounts on teeth whitening, as some clinics offer more economical procedures than others.

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