before and after teeth whitening - LA TEETH

Before And After The Laser Teeth Whitening Results - LA Teeth Whitening Results

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before and after teeth whitening - LA TEETH

Still not sure if laser teeth whitening will work for you?

Well LA Teeth Whitening guarantee the results and before we undertake the treatment we will show you on the VITA shade guide how white the teeth will change which is typically between 4-12 shades lighter.

Why Consider Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a simple and fast process that takes one hour to complete so you will have whiter teeth in one session. Find Out More About Us!

You will see instant results and your teeth will look brighter and whiter as you walk out the doors.

This treatment allows you have your teeth whitening during your lunch break or just after work as the session is so quick and with immediate results you can show off your new smile to your friends and colleagues.

The laser teeth treatment is a completely safe. Teeth whitening consultants use non-invasive procedure harmless light not an actual laser to clean and brighten the shine of your natural smile.

A whitening gel that is soft and non peroxide gel is applied, the laser then activates the gel and this whitens the teeth pain free, even for those with sensitive teeth.

Professional teeth whitening before and after by LA Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking about having your teeth whitened?

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A brighter whiter smile and the new found confidence that this can give you is available to anyone – its a great solution for long time heavy smokers. See Our Faqs!